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15/02/2017 by Carl Reynolds

At BIG on Sunday I got talking to a fellow who said that he needed someone to swim with. Down where he swam in Cornwall there were people who did short, dippy swims and some who did longer swims, but there was no-one (that he’d found yet) that would do longer swims…at his pace. Having been in mixed ability open water groups myself, I can attest to the uncomfortable feeling of being by yourself in, what appears to be, the middle of the sea. Some, like Lone Swimmer, revel in it. But for most a companion is a good thing. Someone you can look at when the waves get big; someone you can confer with if it starts to feel tricky; someone you can share the exhilaration of finishing with over a sarnie or slice of cake. Someone who will share your fear of imaginary monsters and by doing so lessen it, fold it down and help you secret it away.

And then there’s the temporary ones. The ones you swim with because you find yourself on a swim camp or holiday. And because this post is about companionship and swimming; and because Mrs Ape and I went on one in Anglesey, after a week walking and swimming in Snowdonia, I’m going to suggest you check out Gone Swimming for a short break. For a very reasonable price, you get to hang out with dippers and swimmers; spend loads of time walking and talking; see spectacular land and seascapes; and maybe, just maybe, gather another friend for life. Someone to swim by your side. You never know until you ask.

Here’s my, mainly picture, post on our trip back in August 2014.


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