and I consider


22/03/2017 by Carl Reynolds


  1. The lane goes to the sea. That which embraces me, chills me, exhilarates me. I, and many others, have written about this. You know what I mean specifically.
  2. It is an old military track to a WW2 gun battery. Then it was a Coastguard Station; and now it is run by volunteers from the National Coastwatch Institution. Public funding to the Coastguards was cut; as it has been to many other services in the common sphere. Another slab of cake transferred to the privateers.
  3. The light green of Spring is out. Soon it will be dark, lush and less sheer.
  4. There are no humans in the picture, but the gaze is framed by one. Social construction theory is a good starting point; as is Ways of Seeing by John Berger.
  5. The farmland to the left of picture is sown with arable crop, protected only slightly from the prevailing Southwesterlies. And in the same field is a 19th tower, erected to mark the entrance to Dartmouth Harbour. Permanence and impermanance in decay in time waves beyond our ability to perceive them concretely.
  6. The sheep go reddish from the soil hereabouts; as do the shanks of horses. It’s an interconnected bio-system.
  7. A humpback whale has been spotted breaching several times around here. B&B occupancy is up. But people still moan about paying for parking.
  8. The inaccessible coves below are littered with fishing gear that’s been thrown overboard. Marine littering, like leaving dog shit in bags, is the specialism of scoundrels and vandals.
  9. There is an old sea pool. Once the preserve of rich folk; now disintegrating and owned by the National Trust. As is much of the coast line between the Napoleonic Era forts at Berry Head round to the mouth of the Dart. Both of these things!
  10. The names of the many coombes around here carry the name of their founder or early occupant. These people are long gone and now part of the red earth. And so to dust go we. Get outside while you can.

2 thoughts on “and I consider

  1. wildswimmers says:

    Interesting stuff!

  2. barjennings says:

    Beautiful. Thanks, Carl.

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