and so we fade, but our work endures


07/04/2017 by Carl Reynolds


“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more,

do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader”


Perhaps a bit odd to use a Dolly Parton quote to begin a piece on my deceased Mother-in-Law, Judith; but it sums up her life. She inspired many to produce the art they wanted to, to understand the field of fine art, and to, in turn, inspire and encourage others.

For several years, Judith has donated her unsold works to Severn Hospice to raise funds. Severn Hospice provides excellent end-of-life care to over 2,000 people in Shropshire each year. Before she died last year, Judith made it clear that she wanted her remaining work, materials, art books and sketchbooks sold in a big sale. And so one was organised. Judith’s close friend, Liz Carr; son and daughters John, Kate and Lucy; the Shropshire Arts Society and Lucy Ruff of Severn Hospice spent hours wrapping; cataloging; pricing and sorting through the hundreds of pieces of framed and unframed work to produce an exhibition Judith would have been proud of.

As an aficionado of fine arts various, I was struck on entering the exhibition hall of how the works on display were just from the hand of a single artist. The range and diversity of Judith’s style are testament to her life’s work. As Wilf Langford, from the Shropshire Arts Society said, “her pictures have a lyrical, poetic quality…she was always interested in new ways of seeing and interpreting…her work was constantly evolving, embracing abstraction and exciting combinations of form and colour”.

In her honour, Shropshire Arts Society has inaugurated an annual Judith Moy Lecture. The first one is by Euryl Stevens on May 5th at the Trinity Centre in Meole, Shropshire.

At time of writing, the sale had raised on excess of £20,000. Unsold work will be sold at galleries in Shropshire and around to continue providing funds for the hospice.



2 thoughts on “and so we fade, but our work endures

  1. Suzie Dods says:

    What a lovely post. What a great legacy

  2. wildswimmers says:

    Such a wonderful thing to do – helping others and also a memorial to Judith. Well done to all.

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