Lazy Days at Fishcombe

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17/06/2017 by Carl Reynolds



Mrs Ape reports:

Sun’s up and I’m up.

I have a list of chores as long as your arm. The is Ape in the deep South of the USA and I’ve been at work all week.  I long for the cool embrace of the water.  Armed with grim determination I tackle the list and by 8:15 a good few things are ticked off.  I arrange to meet friend Sue for a swim at Fishcombe.  She hasn’t been in the water much this year (a histamine reaction to the cold)  She wants to borrow my surf shortie to see how it is.  I arrive early at the steps.  It’s the Brixham Trawler Race.  An event that involves all the local fishing trawlers (and apparently some from Europe too) bedecking themselves in bunting, blasting out loud music and haring 2 laps round a course.  It’s still going on -I tut quietly to myself, the water has gone murky from the wash but on the plus side, there is a good bouncy swell which looks fun.  It’s the first really hot weekend we’ve had this year, I strip off and bask in the sunshine.  Mark arrives and we swelter a bit more before deciding that’s enough faffage and get in.  I had clocked the “big boy” when I first arrived. One of the endless “Sammy’s”, but there are lots of people, boats, kayaks, paddle boards in the water.  I tell Mark I’ve seen him “Er, we’ll swim close together” he retorts. We head over to Churston Point admiring the sculptural seaweed formations, diving down, watching the fish and enjoying the embrace of the water.  We head into Churston Cove and enjoy a few minutes of playing before heading back to find Sue and Richard at the steps.  The water is lush. We play some more before heading to the cafe for tea and sustenance.  It’s a sun trap and it only takes a short while before Mark and I decide we need another dip, spotting large fish, small fish and comfortingly – no jellies.  A sit on the side and a third dip before heading home to tackle the last few chores and a gentle snooze in the garden.

Life is sweet.



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