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03/09/2017 by Carl Reynolds

It was Lou’s birthday and Kate’s too. A plan was hatched to swim from the Abbey Steps around to Broadsands over the weekend. Leisurely like. With kayaks and paddle boards as support.

Meeting at 9.30am, to allow for faffage, we set off at ten, with some Steps Swimmers in tow for the stage to Hindu Caves. En route we remarked on the stench in the water around both Corbyn and Livermead Heads. I suspect some diffuse effluence from dodgy septic systems. And we navigated close to shore around the V carved out of Livermead Bay to allow for water-skiers to rush offshore. And to Hindu Caves and a splash around inside and some jumps outside.

And across Hollicombe to Preston Sands for lunch. About 2.6km. After lunch across Preston and Paignton, around the headland, and into Goodrington – pausing to advise some jumpers on the depth of water, say hi to David and Lynda joining us from a secret cove, before tea and grub at Cantina.

Next day, met at Cantina for a swim across Goodrington, round and across Saltern Cove, into Armchair and some advice on depth for local jumpers; and Broadsands for a picnic and play with all and sundry.

Thanks to all for support work – Ron and Dana Kahana; Chrissy; David Lewis and Lynda Wilde; and to the swimmers various, but especially birthday women Lou and Kate, for making it worth organising.



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