into the gloom


09/11/2017 by Carl Reynolds


As the days shorten to their turning again at Yule, we swimmers find the sea water still pleasantly warm (and I acknowledge that this is a relative measure), but the air temperature dropping, and prone to large variation in the space between the shade and the cliff in the sun.

And it was in this sun that Mrs Ape and I headed west in search of unspoilt beach; an absence of humans; no danger of jet skis and not another soul; as, unfortunately, a detachment from Dawlish decided it was a little too far in rush hour.

Firstly, I admit that we are fortunate to have the means not to work in the middle of the week. And secondly, we made a choice to live with less and work less. So we can. And we do. And what fortune we have to be able to wander coastal paths in bright, warming November sunshine and not see another soul along the way. To see and hear the rollers, gliding birds, back washed froths and rusting trees edging our ways.

And even if you do not have the means, I believe it is a tonic to consider the last time you were outside, not bounded by buildings, confined by the confusions of our rattling civilisation or worried about this, that or the other. And if you do have the means, explore the space around you, in both its particularities and generalities it has wonders to share, if you care to look, ponder and engage with it.

If the deaths of people close to me and close to others has taught me owt, it’s this – there may not be another day.

4 thoughts on “into the gloom

  1. wildswimmers says:

    Carl you are so right! Whenever possible we should slow down and look around at nature. And be glad for what we have.

  2. Natasha Broke says:

    So true,
    And today, at the Ladies Pond I was ready to dip and rush away but my friend Lisa wanted to dawdle so dawdle we did and our reward was time spent watching a kingfisher on the bank.

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