09/05/2018 by Carl Reynolds

At the end of last year I became a gig rowing novice. I still am, but due to the inclusive and embracing nature of the Brixham Gig Rowing Club I have rowed in racing events for Vets, Super Vets and am an ongoing member of the Men’s B team. I still have a lot to learn, but have already learnt too much. I now understand that I might be shagging my pins, not feathering, catching a crab, the difference between stroke and bow. I have moved into conscious incompetence; I know some of what I should be doing, but do not yet have it either in the bone; and neither do I get what I know consistently right. The struggle to learn continues. Happily.

Being a fishing town we went to the World Gig Championships in the Isles of Scilly on a trawler. Michael, our Admiral and owner of the Kerrie-Marie, suggested a few months ago that we could hoist the two wooden gig boats onto the deck, chug down the Cornish coast and make said boat, Brixham HQ for the weekend. And we did.

Mens A were a respectable 57th out of 160; Women’s A 75th; and the mixed crews and novices in the B crews enjoyed their rowing! Men’s B came second to last, but Women’s B took a podium place with the Championship Wooden Spoon.

Thanks to Michael for hosting; Kat, Justine and others for shopping and catering; my crew mates for going for it; Marie for accompanying me up and down the hill to the campsite and all of you for conversations, banter and joyfulness generally.

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One thought on “Gig

  1. wildswimmers says:

    Great photos and brilliant looking boats.

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