30/12/2018 by Carl Reynolds


A year of swimming less, walking more, rowing a lot and becoming a gym bunny. There are clearly endless variations on the swimming in open water “made me healthy/gave me an opportunity to develop my art/provided a small business opportunity”; so good luck to those who pursue these endeavours, but restrain yourselves in claiming originality. And there are a plethora of websites on where to swim, how to swim, who to swim with and why to swim. If you don’t enjoy swimming, ignore all of them. If you enjoy swimming, you’ll find a myriad of ways to deepen your obsession with swimming. Enjoy the surfing, being inspired, and finding new places to swim.

I recall someone once saying (and it’s probably a myth) that during the second world war the Japanese would have 90% of their prisoners of war in a lightly guarded camp, and 10% in a more heavily guarded section. The leaders, rebels and so on were separated out. So while I hang out with swimmers who mostly set up their own swims and challenges; there is a massive field for those organising the can’t-be-bothered to DIY/unorganised and disorganised. The Outdoor Swimming Society has been a major inspiration to thousands to get out of their indoor pool and find open water; and they have been massively successful in getting thousands to pay hundreds to swim in organised river swims. This year sees the 10th Anniversary of the Dart 10K – I hope it goes well and funds the OSS and its adventures for a while longer.

Meanwhile, finding myself surrounded by sea, with the Dart and Dartmoor less than 30 minutes drive away, I am in the privileged position of being able to swim from sand beach, pebbles beaches, off quays, in popular places, in secluded spaces, in freezing rivers, in pots and dubs, with and without company.

I’ve essentially stopped writing this blog. You can search for places via the categories and tags. Otherwise there is nothing new for me to say about swimming. In essence – find somewhere to swim, find some people to swim with (or don’t), and then find some other places to swim and some other swimmers. The rest is marketing, don’t live vicariously, DIY.


6 thoughts on “2018

  1. David Davies says:

    Hi Mr Ape,
    Was wondering where you and your blogs had got to. Nice to get an update now and again;, worth posting a blog for that if nowt else? HNY to you and Mrs A

  2. swansswimmer says:

    And thank you for showing me the possibilities and why it’s quite OK to see water and not leave it to wondering if but getting in and enjoying

    • Bryn – the adage ‘you never regret a swim comes to mind’, but I also find myself thinking, ‘I’m not going to regret doing something else either’. As long as I’m doing something. There was a programme about work on R4 the other morning. Apparently many people find Christmas breaks boring as they don’t know what to do. They can come round my house, as I’ll keep them busy!

  3. wildswimmers says:

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines Carl, as I felt I had nothing new to write about our swimming. I’ve been also busy building a website for a community project here, Friends of the Sound of Jura, and have lapsed from posting on my blog. We are still swimming as much as ever and I am sure will continue to do so. I hope you and Mrs A are both well and Happy New Year to you both x

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