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12/04/2019 by Carl Reynolds

Some time ago, a green NGO coined the phrase, ‘Act Local, Think Global’. A call to action woven into a warning not to despair. We are not global powers; our political and economic systems militate against the necessary people and Earth saving measures, but we can improve the lot of those around us and among us – act local. So we popped into Buckfastleigh Pool twice this week for an early morning swim. A swim being, for Mrs Ape and I, something more than a km.

The pool is one of those that, had it not been for the actions of locals, would have been closed, vandalised and sold off for rich people’s housing. But Buckfastleigh has a coterie of activists who want to improve the town. They sit on the Council, not as a sinecure or a symbol of some imagined status, but because they both care and are willing to act. So they did, and the pool is one of many projects in this little Dartmoor town that is thriving, despite the best efforts of Government and the Tory Party to close down local and social initiative. I’d add in the Leb Dims as well, but they’re too busy misspelling Ashburton.

Two early mornings of outdoor heated swimming, steam rising, full enough to think you’re not overly eccentric, but sparse enough to be able to swim up and down without getting in anyone’s way (and vice versa). Quick chats with swim Faces Lou Barber and Stephanie Simon; before the best coffee and pastries in the whole damn world at The Almond Thief. And on our second visit we managed to get/see all the staff smiling.


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