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15/06/2019 by Carl Reynolds

For the last week, Eyeview has been hosting extra(ordinary) a set of interactive performances, engagements and art across the three towns of Torbay. Mrs Ape and I managed to look into –

The Cave Hunters and the Truth Machine (see here for a vid on it’s artist) in All Saints, Brixham…a wonderful giant lantern projecting the discovery of mega-fauna co-existing with mankind, at a time when most people believed in the bible story of the Earth being created in six days.


Fabric of Home at Oldway Mansion. Oldway was owned by Singer and the installation was created by the people of the Bay turning up and making sewn objects and landscapes to describe our home.


And the Electric Sound Palace in Paignton Old Cinema. A sound installation of music recorded by the Torbay Symphony Orchestra, with a mid section where the audience controlled the music by sitting up and down. Fun.

There were also a host of other activities we didn’t get to see or participate in, but it has caused me to reflect on how in the last month I have been to a very left-field festival (Sea Change), Respect in Exeter and this. Much more diverse performances than I might have taken part in, or gone to, in London. The edge is out here on the edge.

Meanwhile there was a trawler race in Brixham.


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