SD – day 4

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20/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

People are still not understanding that social distancing will reduce the impact of this damned virus. The sensible and vocal among my Facebook friends are posting a variety of diagrams, videos and pleas to try and get people to understand…but we perhaps need to go to ‘skeptic’ threads and post there…and then ignore/cope with the simian/RusBot/Trumpian  vitriol that will ensue. But, by way of illustration, I have a friend in an improv troupe whose young friends are still going out to social gatherings. Whether this is a fatalistic attitude; a blasĂ© attitude or just plain ignorance…it seems clear (or unclear) that the authorities have failed to get the message over.

Perhaps our Tory Govt is so tied up in an obsession with minimal regulation and nudging, that it has forgotten that regulation protects, and Governments have a function of civil protection and, that the liberty of a few should not be indulged when large numbers are at risk. Let’s be plain…if you don’t want people to go to pubs and restaurants order them to be closed…giving them a choice only encourages the kind of plonkers we’ve seen round here, with their “Bugger Off Boris” posters and pictures of red faced drinkers enjoying their post Brexshit victory for Liberty and Prince William.

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