SD – day 5


21/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

We still up to bed at the relatively early hour of ten and wake just before dawn, despite the absence of work. But we have taken to lying in, sipping tea, browsing the news and ligging about for an hour or two. This morning we joined Plum Duff’s ‘Keep Fit Corona’ challenge…essentially just a place to log physical activities and inspire others or view in awe.

Leaving the house shortly after 8am we strolled up South Down, down to Mansands, and then along the coast path to Berry Head before strolling into town for newspapers…and to puzzle as to why all the hairdressers were closed (thank you women of Brixham), but the barbers were still open (no thank you men of Brixham). 12km, up and down a few hundred metres, in 2.5 hours…pretty damn good.

Now working out whether I can avail myself of 75% of my PAYE from the generous Mr Rushi fellow over the next while.


Mrs Ape 

2 thoughts on “SD – day 5

  1. David Davies says:

    Sounds idyllic. The closure of pubs and cafes and even John Lewis is putting British society under strain. My suggestion of buying 1,000 piece jigsaws from the charity shop went down like a sack of potatoes when I was advised that Crony virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours (a revelation on yesterday’s “Good Morning Britain” program apparently). So the Samaritans will have to do without my £2. Such good value. I hear Netflix does not have the bandwidth to cope with the demands of the British public who, deprived of pubs and shops are reverting to their next option and watching telly. Determined to make the most of the opportunities I have resolved to achieve three things during the plague – learn how to play poker, write that book I’ve been meaning to write (“Benjamin the Bat and the six stray kittens” – no really) and learn how to repair rusty bodywork on my 1971 VW bay. Two out of three will do. No rush. So Tonight it’s a bottle of Syrah and a video. What’s happening at Reynolds Towers?

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