Extreme social distancing – day 1

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24/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

Boris and his skeptical buddies finally caught up with a semblance of good practice and came down firm. Stay at home. Unless you are….Which then caused a whole load of social media confusion. Look Boris…many of the public are daft or selfish (how do you think you got elected and Brexshit happened?) so you need to spell it out in detail – this IS allowed, this ISN’T. Three times a day in BIG FUCKING CAPITAL LETTERS.

Meanwhile, I’m taking my government grant of one piece of out-of-the-house exercise a day to run. Run more than I normally do. I run at 7 in the morning…there’s hardly a soul about…and none closer than 50m from me. I diverted today for some masochistic fun. Rather than run on the tops – relatively even – I went down to the sea front and back up. Forgot how tough ascending 90m can be – big respect to fell runners.

Which pitched me into a memory – years ago I was walking the Red Cuillins on Skye – fairy pool was empty and you could still rock up and get a B&B on the same day – and, first off, saw a herd of red deer come up the slope 50m ahead of me, across the path and down the other side; and then, looking up, two dots bobbing long the ridge line at the top. Ten minutes later the two dots manifested as two 70+ year old gents running. Running. At that point I aspired to be continuously fit. I still can’t run up mountains, but I can row hard for an hour, walk all day, and just about chest press my body weight.

Off now to further explore on-line meetings, play some scales, get used to using a looper and learn some more lines. The joys of enforced unemployment.

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