Extreme social distancing – day X

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27/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

Boris has coronavirus. The number of cases in the UK went up by 24% today. And the BBC reported London hospitals facing a tsunami of coronavirus cases. And to think just two weeks ago Boris said he’d visit his mother on Mother’s Day.

The Chancellor finally got round to telling us self employed that we’d also get 80% of our wages, as long as we had a logged tax return. And revealed the fact that the average self employed made a measly £719 a month…all those cash-in-hand jobs boys! And that post virus he was minded to level out the NI and Tax of employed and self employed.

Perhaps before he does that he should introduce a turnover tax on all company money flows in the UK, and an additional income tax on landlords who rent to anyone in receipt of housing benefit (or its equivalent)…after all, why should the tax payer pay for your  property empire?

Given that the Earth will also be, literally, getting a breathing space from NOx, SOx, CO2, methane and a host of other pollutants, it may also be a good time to consider how to tax the 15% of us on this planet who fly… and introduce a global aviation fuel tax, as well as a tradeable carbon budget for every citizen. Added advantage of distributing the wealth.

Meanwhile, music, exercise, plucking weeds and having on-line conversations. I’m posting hang outs, via Zoom, most days…check my FB page.

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