the aquatic ape(s)


‘Ape-y Apes

Going down the local? A phrase I’d hear time and time again when young. Always about a pint or few. Often followed by a party or two; and a stumbling, riotous wander back to somewhere and, perhaps, a cake cooked at two in the morning. These days I am more sober. I am older and a touch wiser. My local is now the beach. My haunts are shared with seals, not beers; kelp, not crisps; and the thought of singing while swimming, fills me with thoughts of drenched lungs and spastic choking. From May 2015,  I am here in Brixham to muse on the next third or more of my life, nestled in on the edge of England, cocooned from the suffocating, stifling, stultifying illusions of the metropolitan. At ease among the remnants of the wild edges. My thoughts will change and shift, but I am glad I am here.

Mrs Ape also writes occasionally, but takes a fair few of the photos.


This blog transferred from Ginger Swimmer at the end of January 2011. Posts up to then may have slightly odd formatting.

5 thoughts on “the aquatic ape(s)

  1. mauprieto says:

    Nice to have discovered your blog. What is the water temperature under which you would consider the water “cold”?

  2. Mauprieto – last year I was clocking up 4km in 8 degree C water. This year a combination of illness and work has kept me out of the water for more than 10 days. In the meantime it’s dropped from 12 to 8 and I can barely swim a length. I have a chilly reacclimatisation to do. My friend Nando did the Barcelona swim – we’ll bring a few others over next year. A nice warm swim!

    • mauprieto says:

      Thanks Carl. Living in Barcelona, it is hard to wrap my head around those water temperatures. Equally hard it is to FIND those temperatures around here, so talking to you is totally eye opening. When you refer to reacclimatisation, how do you do that? Is it swimming gradually longer distances? There are a few good long distance swims in the Barcelona area. If you or your buddies make it to this hostile warm water territory next year, make sure to let me know. BTW, minutes ago I posted an interesting interview I did with Damian Blaum, ranked by FINA #2 in the world in open water, and three times winner of the Hernandarias – Parana 88km race, which is the longest in the world. If you’re interested in taking a look at it, it’s in Very nice to have met you and keep safe!

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