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  1. sweet Sunday morning

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    13/08/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    “Sunday morning Praise the dawning It’s just a restless feeling By my side” Velvet Underground Just back from the smoke …
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  2. quickly to Sugary

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    10/01/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    Fiona, a friend from the Big Smoke, is in Dartmouth for a week and swimming with her local friends over …
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  3. The fairy of Bare Arse


    09/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    So disappointed to only inherit the rock two metres below the water. Rich with kelp, swarming with fish and anenomes …
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  4. Sugary Cove

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    03/04/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    We spent a while trying to find out why it was called Sugary Cove. NoneĀ of the signs assuaged our curiosity; …
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  5. to Sugary Cove and back again


    10/09/2015 by Carl Reynolds

    Work done, time to get out in the sunshine. A trip to Sugary Cove and back again to Fishcombe.

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