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  1. into the gloom


    09/11/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    As the days shorten to their turning again at Yule, we swimmers find the sea water still pleasantly warm (and …
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  2. Seacombe Sands and around


    03/09/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    And another day of play down at Seacombe and paths and gullets around. Pics by Mrs Ape and I.

  3. sweet Sunday morning

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    13/08/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    “Sunday morning Praise the dawning It’s just a restless feeling By my side” Velvet Underground Just back from the smoke …
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  4. and I consider


    22/03/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    The lane goes to the sea. That which embraces me, chills me, exhilarates me. I, and many others, have written …
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  5. East Prawle to Lannacombe


    06/01/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    Setting off in the dark to East Prawle¬†to catch a sunrise and have a walk and a dip. We parked …
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  6. Pootling around East Portlemouth


    22/12/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Which has a ferry over to Salcombe. A place I have not visited, but from where I stood on the …
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  7. Lunar for Lynne

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    17/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Earlier this year, our departed friend, Lynne; and Deb agreed to organise a Moon Gazey swim around the autumn equinox. …
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