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  1. lane delight


    11/01/2017 by Carl Reynolds

    There is nothing like a busy lane occupied by swimmers letting each other pass. And not much beats a hardly …
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  2. up and down

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    16/02/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    The beauty of the sea is it’s apparent limitlessness. A swimmer cannot swim all the seas; although Martin Strel might. …
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  3. BIG January

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    27/01/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Spent much of this month working on the finishing details for the 1st Buckfastleigh Ice Gala (BIG). Looked good earlier …
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  4. contrast


    25/11/2015 by Carl Reynolds

    My shoulder is starting to heal and I’m upping the swim distance. This last week is the first time I’ve …
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