First (and only?) person to swim between Mingulay and Pabbay (south of Barra, Outer Hebrides – June 2011) – 1hr 10m

Longest swim – Six hours (@17km), Mallorca, 15C, April 2013

Coldest water – minus 1 degree C, 266 yards

Coldest kilometre – 3 degrees C

Coldest mile – 5 degrees C (not a IISA one)

Coldest two miles – 8 degrees C

SLSC Polar Bears Club – 2.12.12 (1km under 5C); 2.12.13 (4C)

2012 Readers

2012 Readers

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  1. Thomas W. Kofler says:

    Hi Carl, just spotted your blog and have to sign on, now!! Hope you are doing well,


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