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  1. Saturday morning


    23/11/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    A long stroll round the common with Batch, glimpsing the Tri-Dears here and there. The autumn colours are rich at …
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  2. the last few weeks


    17/11/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    I’ve hardly been down to Tooting. Work and a cold have meant swims at 10C, then 8C and now 6C. …
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  3. I heard Dover, calling me


    04/05/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    With apologies to The Triffids. Having made a decision, I took the next step. Day one Channel Training on Dover …
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  4. cojones, rabbits and chest of drawers


    25/04/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    Or a week swimming long distance in all sorts of cold and cool water. Arrived at Palma Airport to be …
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  5. sunny Sunday afternoon


    14/04/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    A kink in the weather – the sun came out. Pool still a miserly 6.5C, so kept it to two …
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  6. again and again


    21/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    Up and down, up and down. Round and round, round and round. With much light pouring in it’s some relief …
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  7. another day at the office


    18/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

    One of the advantages of being your own boss, is that you work when you want to work (mainly). For …
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