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  1. Stanton Claus


    21/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    Blimey, Santa in the pool. Big wimp has his suit on though and doesn’t get much beyond the shallow end. …
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  2. Siberian wind blows Jack back


    11/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    Quieter today. The sign-in sheet still has plenty of space in the first column. Ice on the pool again, so …
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  3. 2.5


    05/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    I have an earlier draft where I went off into a rant, but I shall spare you it. Several of …
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  4. getting chilly

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    04/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    Under three degrees C today. Brrr. After the weekend’s exertions I was down for a dip and some cake; and …
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  5. edges

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    19/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    Great film here from Vanessa Daws about the Sandycove Distance Week 2012, in which I played a small part. Saw …
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  6. re-acclimatising


    05/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    As a cold water aficionado, who has recently lost his acclimatisation due to work and being bunged up, I have …
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  7. ouch


    07/10/2012 by Carl Reynolds

    Played squash for the first time in 30 years on Friday night and am discovering muscles that I never knew …
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