1. Book review – The Outrun by Amy Liptrot


    07/12/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    My mother reads more fiction than I do these days. She got the taste for stories after getting into a …
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  2. on an irregular morning


    18/11/2016 by Carl Reynolds


    Been working too much lately in places not conducive to swimming. An immersion in the sea was needed. The morning …
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  3. halloween

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    31/10/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    From things in the water, to things inside my house. Get a night swim in – ’twas brillig    

  4. Fishcombe

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    26/10/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Mrs Ape and the doyenne of Torbay, Miz Pierce

    On a swell rolling afternoon, a tootin’ morning and a piercingly lovely afternoon.

  5. erratica

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    23/10/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    For the past few weeks I’ve been here and there for work. A few years ago, in the throes of …
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  6. Resttube™

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    03/10/2016 by Carl Reynolds


    More expensive than a tow float, but with the added advantage of being useful when you need rescuing or want to …
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  7. Nando, Em and Bryn


    02/10/2016 by Carl Reynolds


    House and outdoor life full of the joy of being with Bryn, Nando and Emmanuela. Just after dawn in Fishcombe …
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