1. SD – three weeks and counting


    07/04/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    Deaths related to CoVid in the UK now stand at 4,897 (source – Public Health England). Up to March 1st …
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  2. Extreme social distancing – day X

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    27/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    Boris has coronavirus. The number of cases in the UK went up by 24% today. And the BBC reported London …
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  3. Extreme social distancing – day 1

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    24/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    Boris and his skeptical buddies finally caught up with a semblance of good practice and came down firm. Stay at …
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  4. SD – day 7

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    23/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    Woke to a lovely sunrise. Now settled into a routine of tea, news, chat for an hour. Then up to …
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  5. SD – day 6

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    22/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    It appears that the message is not getting across. Rich people decamping to their second homes in rural locations have …
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  6. SD – day 5


    21/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    We still up to bed at the relatively early hour of ten and wake just before dawn, despite the absence …
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  7. SD – day 4

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    20/03/2020 by Carl Reynolds

    People are still not understanding that social distancing will reduce the impact of this damned virus. The sensible and vocal …
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