1. Minions, white caps and cheese rings


    24/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds


    Gone west to Cornwall for a weekend. Thanks to Deb and Louise we are tucked up in a cottage on …
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  2. London Bridge


    17/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Not the one in London. And who knows why it’s called London Bridge. The Victorians named it. It doesn’t look …
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  3. Lunar for Lynne

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    17/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Bugle Hole

    Earlier this year, our departed friend, Lynne; and Deb agreed to organise a Moon Gazey swim around the autumn equinox. …
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  4. Prime


    14/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    other side of the arch

    53 today. In my prime! Sunshine and time to play, swim and dine. Off to South Milton Sands to see …
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  5. 90 Length Challenge


    13/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Stealing shamelessly from the idea generated at Tooting Bec Lido to celebrate its 100th Birthday, we souls at Shoalstone Pool …
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  6. The fairy of Bare Arse


    09/09/2016 by Carl Reynolds


    So disappointed to only inherit the rock two metres below the water. Rich with kelp, swarming with fish and anenomes …
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  7. Double Dart

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    28/08/2016 by Carl Reynolds

    Stones at Swincombe, West Dart confluence

    Before the Dart becomes the Dart, it is the East Dart, the Swimcombe, the West Dart and a number of …
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